Keppana Kellari is a charming country restaurant located amidst the beautiful nature of Liesjärvi village, Tammela, Kanta-Häme, Southern Finland.

Since 1992, the family-run company has been providing its guests with the widest range of drinks in the village, delicious food, and cozy holiday cottages in an unforgettable location. Liesjärvi Nature Park is nearby and it offers multiple possibilities for leisure time activities in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature.

The restaurant and most of our cottages are located in the village of Liesjärvi, near Lake Herttua. We are about an hours drive from Helsinki, and we are also on a route which appeals to motorcyclists. There is a large playground for children in the yard, while inside the hungry can enjoy the many nostalgic wonders.

We have an off-license for alcohol, in addition to a small selection of foodstuffs, etc. for sale.

During the summer we are open every day, and in spring and autumn Keppana Kellari is a weekend place. Holiday cottages are available all year round.

Welcome – and remember that in this era of social media, the best way to secure the opening hours in by calling :o)



Keppana Kellari is a family run restaurant. We first opened our doors on Finnish Independence Day 1992 and celebrated our 25th anniversary in the autumn of 2017. The main building of the restaurant was originally a small farmhouse and a small kiosk was opened to serve the summer cottages. Over the years the range of food and drink grew steadily to become the wide ranging menu we provide today in an unique atmosphere.


The Koivula cottages are mainly located nearby restaurant Keppana Kellari. They can be rented all year round. Cottages are built from the 70`s until year 2012. Cottages are quite modest and built with personality, but they work well especially for self-catering accommodation. The surrounding countryside  is incredibly beautiful, and also full of opportunities for your leisure time.